Mile 0


1).  Where are you from and how would you like to be identified?

Anton, Raleigh , North Carolina 

2). Thinking back to your “day-1 self,” what is going through your mind at the start?

Anxious and some trepidation over never having done a long hike such as this , not really prepared , and never hiked in the desert . However the nervousness made it very exciting and added to the adventure. 

3). Do you feel ready?

Not really , I knew that I had not really prepared as I should and was “ winging it “ ... but that’s my personality and I believe it adds to the fun of the experience . 

4). What are you most afraid of?

most afraid of what I didn’t know ( if that makes any sense ) .... oh, and rattlesnakes . 

5) What are you most confident about?

physical ability to outperform most people 

6) Does anybody not want you to go?

7) What made you decide to take this hike?

desire for an epic adventure that would truly challenge me in both a physical and mental way .... knew I was at an age that if I didn’t do it now I may not have he chance in future years . I like that it was something that most people couldn’t or wouldn’t ever do . 

8) What do you expect to get from it?

satisfaction of pushing my body to its limits and beyond . Accomplishing something that seems borderline bizarre and impossible . 

9) Have you ever done anything like this before?



10) What have you done to prepare?

day hiked a few times on the Appalachian trail ... very limited - as I stated before I had not really prepared , but it made it more exciting that way because it made it even more of an “unknown adventure “...., I have a “ wing it “ personality . 

11) What are you looking forward to the most?

the scenery , seeing nature in different forms , the solitude , the change I expect to my body physically , the everyday adventure of the unknown . 

12) When/where did you leave the trail?

northern terminus - Canadian Border, October 1 

13) What caused you to leave the trail?

reached the end ( if I could have kept going I would have )

14 ) Would you like to add anything else?

incredible experience , indescribable - the places I went , the things I saw , the people I met ... I want to do other trails now ... thinking the Continental Divide Trail or Patagonia Trail next