Early Bird (Sandra)

Mile 2,591


(1) Where are you from?



(2) What day did you start?



(3) What day did you finish?



(4) Do you have a trail name?

Early Bird


(5) If so, where did it come from?

I got up at 5 o´clock in the morning and start hiking


(6) What did you dream of when things weren’t going well?

Food and beer and chocolate. To be younger than 47 years. To go off trail and never walk again any step by feet, to buy an electric wheel chair.


(7) Did you experience anything miraculous?

I met so many nice trail angels, they are such wonderful people. I met other hikers in the right moment, if I ran out of food, they shared it with me. Or I met hikers in situations I was in a bad mood and I want to quit the trail, because I felt so lonely. Every time the thaught about to quit the trail came up, I met a special person or an animal, so the wish to quit disapeared and I hiked on. This was miraculous to got the right thing what I needed at the right time.


(8) Any memorable encounters with the elements, or wildlife?

I saw my first black bear on the 22.8 in Northern California, I waited so long for this moment. I saw a bobcat and a wolverine. I met lots of deers, they weren´t shy like in Germany. I liked it to see the mamas and the bambies. A day was boring, if I did not met any wildlife. I hated the three rainy days before reaching Olalie Lake Resort, me and my whole stuff was complety wet and I only hiked, without a long break or to see anythink from the beautiful landscape.


(9) Think back to your “pre-hike self.” Now think of yourself here at the end. Has anything changed?

No, nothing changed. I expected some wisedom from the PCT, but I was so busy to survive the trail, that I had no time for think about my problems and my future. I ran against the depression, this worked during hiking but the hilking did not solve my problems.


10) Now that you are off the trail, what do you miss most about it?

To feel to be at home and to be on the right way. To know, what to do in the next days and to know it is the right thing that I do at the moment.


(11) Before you started, what were you most afraid of?

Not to finish the trail, to get injured. To overestimate my skills to hike the trail.


(12) Now that you are finished, what are you most afraid of?

To live the same life as before. I started with depressions from Germany and I managed the whole PCT and I felt good beeing on trail, now I´m back in Germany and the depressions are there again.


(13) What’s the difference between life on the trail and life off the trail?

The life on trail is more real, is more easy, you don´t need so much things to survive and to be happy and satisfied. On the trail I was only a PCT hiker. Off trail most of the people don´t understand my intention to hike the trail. The expectation of my surrounding is to go back in my old life, but I can not.