Juicy (Einav)

Mile 2,591


(1) Where are you from?

I'm from Israel, since September 2017 I'm living in Oakland, CA.

(2) What day did you start?

I started my hike on the 4/4/2018

(3) What day did you finish?

I finish the trail on the 10/5/2018

(4) Do you have a trail name?

My trail name was Juicy, named for the "Juicy" song of Notorious B.I.G

My name "Einav" means grape in Hebrew, so it became my nickname for people that had hard time to remember my name. 

(6) What did you dream of when things weren’t going well?

When I Had hard moments on the trail I started to imagine the upcoming meeting with my friends from Oakland. I Imagine a lot the moment ill see them and it kept me going.

(7) Did you experience anything miraculous?

I had many magical moments on the trail, lots of synchronicity and meaningful situations with the people around and the nature. for example, when I Arrived to mount Shasta I Was tired and felt very moody, I asked from the universe some clarity and to let go from old grief and believes. after meeting a local trail angel that host me in his house he introduce me to a shaman and we done all of us "cambo frog ceremony" in his house. it was very strong and powerful ceremony, inspired from the amazon's ancestors.

(8) Any memorable encounters with the elements, or wildlife?

I remember I met a wild black bear in the high sierra's mountains. he was so close to me and i was amazed and afraid together.

I felt very blessed to see this beautiful animal close to me. and in general, i felt along the trail, the more i got deeper to the woods and nature i could feel the vibrations from the trees and animals, To communicate with the nature around and be closer to my nature as well since the surrounding was resonating to me. (after the ceremony in shasta many frogs came close to me and i didnt stop seeing frogs all along the way to Canada)

(9) Think back to your “pre-hike self.” Now think of yourself here at the end. Has anything changed?

Many things change in me after the trail. I Feel stronger, i have got closer to my essence of being. knowing better who i am and where i want to put my energies and will power. i'm much more relax, i feel must of the time in kind of zen state of mind, i dont move emotionally so easy any more from other people. 

(10) Now that you are off the trail, what do you miss most about it?

now after the trail i miss being one with the nature, see the weather changes. I Miss camping in beautiful locations seeing the stars or the moonlight. 

(11) Before you started, what were you most afraid of?

before the trail i was afraid to hike alone as a women and get sexual harassment

(12) Now that you are finished, what are you most afraid of?

now, Im not afraid of nothing. maybe respect more the nature and the wild animals, respecting the person I am and accept my growing and the change im going throw every day

(13) What’s the difference between life on the trail and life off the trail?

the life here and on the trail are the SAME. for me its about state of mind and conscious.

I choose to live day by day, close to myself everywhere i go. I saw many people on the trail leaving there job but bringing the same patterns of western capitalistic mind set to the trail and for me its a pity. 

for me the trail was a beautiful gift i gave myself to know who i am better. when its started to feel like a marathon, about the miles and the gears i stoped and took a rest to see where i go next. and somehow i made it to the end :)