Photo by J. Haggard

I like MEETING NEW PEOPLE. I like going BEHIND THE SCENES. I get things done with an EVEN-KEELED demeanor and a GENUINE CONCERN for the people I work with. I can WRITE, READ, and I’m pretty good with ARITHMETIC. I used to race road bikes but I don't any more. My favorite assignments are IMMERSIVE, allowing me to come back with pictures that tell a story.

Partial Client List

Wells Fargo Bank

Google, Inc

Lululemon Athletica



Bank of the West

DesignMind, Inc

Bina Technologies

Merrill Lynch

Tucker & Hyde

Healthline, Inc


Motu Novu



Sensiba San Filippo, LLP

Synapse Capital

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc

Special Counsel

Resnick & Louis, P.C.

Cabezon Investment Group

CoMentis, Inc.

Partial Publication List

Irish Times

Frieze Magazine

Outside Magazine

Marie Claire, South Africa

Road Bike Action


San Francisco Chronicle

The Daily Business Post

SFI Bulletin